Watch Your Time Investments as an Emerging Man

“Are we there yet?”

We all said that when we were small children.

“Mom, I don’t have time to visit with Aunt Edna.”

We all said that when we were teenagers.

“Can’t son, I’m late for work, I’ll take you fishing tomorrow.”

We all said that when we were new dads.

Someone once said, “It’s all in the timing.”

As an Emerging Man myself I’m working on my personal timing.

For my 2021 exercise routine… I started three weeks early… hit a few dead spots, but today Thursday the 7th, 2021 I hit all of my workout goals! I’m at a great spot to launch from for the rest of the year, even though it’s only week one of the new year.

I just gained two weeks!

I’ve been playing with the timing of my workouts and feeling better going in and coming out of each round. But some of those dead spots, literally had me sleeping all day, getting up only because I had to go back to work.

This time of year can be difficult for lots of folks.

The days are still short. The nights are long and dark. The buzz of the holidays and the buzz of the new year are already wearing off and so… there is a lull.

People who suffer through depression are very vulnerable at this time of year.

I know I was when I was suffering through my depression, earlier in my life. You can read about it in my book… ‘Killing Suicide.” Our depression robs us of so much time.

How can we use this time to our benefit… instead of just suffering through it, until we can see some longer days and some sunshine?

It’s right… twice a day.

In order to use our time wisely we need to know how much time we have… because it is a finite resource. It has it’s limits.

Daily; Weekly; Monthly; Yearly; Decade by Decade… a life time. Whether that lifetime is a day… or a hundred years. We don’t know how long. We do know our time… will be up… at some point in time.

“Our days may come to seventy years, or eighty, if our strength endures; yet the best of them are but trouble and sorrow, for they quickly pass, and we fly away.” ~ Psalm 90-10

Understanding that… needs to urge an Emerging Man to truly understand “The 3 E’s of Encourage, Equip & Engage.”

But… we need to do that daily.

And how can a young, OR old, lion make the most of the time he has been allotted?

One thing I’ve discovered, that isn’t discussed… so far as I’ve seen, is the fact we need to understand… in order to use our time to the best of our ability… we have to be AT THE BEST of OUR ABILITY.

Now… with that said… I know, and you know… we can’t be at the top of our game 24/7.

Don’t fall for that lie.

We will, just as the ocean tides do, ebb and rise, flow and crash, and some times encounter a rip tide so strong that it drags us off our feet, out into deep water, and we expend our time just trying to keep our nose above the water line.

I didn’t realize how important “life timing” was until I started searching out my manhood.

I could make a quippy remark about “proper timing,” like… “You don’t pick apples in the springtime.”

It’s more than that.

We expend our time, as our lifetime runs out, and with just a small turn of our mental rudder, we could change course and actually wind up somewhere. Instead of ending up in a heap someday… wondering where the time all went.

Try to change your mental outlook on the time you have.

Instead of looking at your time and “SPENDING” it on “THINGS” thereby gaining only a moments use of that moment spent… look at a mindset that “INVESTS” your time “IN THINGS.”

Things that pay dividends now… along the way… and… in the end.

Like our health and personal energy.

Which, in turn, allows us to be at the best of our ability daily… for a short period of time.

The manly men tout 1/2 days as the way to go… “You do with your 12 hours what you want.”

“Told ya… twice a day, like clock work.”

As we emerge into the new year lets try to understand it will require an investment of our time in order to garner a dividend of manliness… bodily strength requires an investment; mental knowledge and understanding of that knowledge requires an investment; purging our souls requires an investment.

Take this time of year to gear up for the rest of the year.

No new year resolutions that you won’t follow through on.

But good investment decisions to grow our manliness account.

Even if it’s dark out… invest in a short walk… the cold air will do you good.

Use that oxygen intake to think through what area of your life you would like to improve upon.

Then invest in those steps, at the proper time… and act… move forward… take that next step toward your goal.

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