An Emerging Man is Resolute in NO New Year Resolutions

“Stop looking for a good man… be one.” ~ Marcus Aurelius/Meditations

To me, “be one” is quite clear in that it requires action.

Being a lazy lion… threatens your position within the coalition.

Ya gotta growl sometime.

As I’ve changed in my manliness growth, I can look back and see clearly, that it is when I am implementing thoughts through actions, is one area where I feel most like a man.

Then upon completion, no matter how small the action was, I garner the elusive sense of “accomplishment.”

Saying, to myself, “Well… that’s done.”

Starting 2021’s work out routine… I resolved to start early. I started the new work out three weeks prior to the new year.

I surmised, “Why wait, (action) I can just start now.”

It doesn’t have to be much… at first… 1% today… 1% tomorrow.

It was a week before the Christmas week… and all about the house… I was scurrying around, hurriedly, like a busy little mouse.

“So much to do, so much to do… trim the tree, wash the dishes, dusting off some Christmas wishes. Where did the day go? I sure don’t know. Exercise next… back and bi’s… chest and tri’s? Or how bout we sit, just for a minute… to catch our breath… just for a minute… just for a… zzzzzz.”

Where did the day go? I’ll tell you where it went.

Just like a horse… it just ran back into the barn, after doing some hot laps around the farm, thinking he was a race horse, and “Gettin’ it done!!!”

But ending up in a stall. Again.

Busting out of the gate is easy… No plan, no successful steps laid out, no direction… just “GO!”

An Emerging Man comes to realize when he’s chasing his tail.

Ending up just as stalled out as that horse.

Oh, we get a few things done and feel drained of energy.

But we were not resolute in our actionable actions that would actually propel us forward into the next stage of our growth… being one percent better today… than we were yesterday.

With purposeful strides moving us forward.

It was a good thing I started early.

The first week went great. I hit the schedule Monday thru Sunday.

The second week, the first day, leg day… went well, BUT… that night at work I started feeling sick, alerted my boss, we rode it out… and the rest of the week I was wrecked.

I had no energy. I slept for hours and hours. At work I would nod off if I sat still too long. I would eat. Feeling full one minute, starving the next. Drinking water every time I passed the faucet.

When I woke up the following week, on leg day, I was feeling quite well… and I hit the routine with a great attitude. Instead of adding weight, I’ve added volume, and different movements to balance my leg strength and flexibility.

The third week was good too. Figured out a way to add weight to my back work out, along with adding volume.

Carpe Diem… right?

Now I’m looking at the first full week of 2021, with some reps under my belt, with some kinks worked out… feeling great, well rested, and having lost the few pounds I put on over the deer hunting and Christmas breaks.

Instead of resolving to set some new New Year resolutions… tomorrow.

Take a test of your manliness.

If “committing to action” is the answer… how do you equate your current status?

  1. I have a daily plan of action. A schedule I keep. I am resolute in “being” a good man.
  2. I’m hit and miss with my actions. I would like a schedule, but time does not permit one.
  3. I go to work. I come home. I may or may not “do something.”
  4. I have no idea what you are talking about!

Are you that lazy lion???

If you are of the mind set of, “Making New Year Resolutions,” try and see the benefit of “Doing,” “Being,” “ACTING ON,” those resolves.

“I resolve to work out… for 15 minutes… 4 days a week. Starting today.”

“I resolve to toss out the last two… chocolate donuts… as an action in healthy eating.”

Whatever you feel you need to do to start your year off… stop thinking it(action)… write it down (action), DO IT(action)… and then check it off the list (action.)

I recommend starting with projects first… and work your way into life, and manliness, changing habits.

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