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Bio – Hello! I’m Dave, Author, Speaker and all around Word Enthusiast! Married, dad to 5, grandpa to 1, and counting down to more, offering a message of “Positivity w/ Work Gloves” to those who need more than a flash in the pan success book, manliness talk, or “Rah, Rah Rah”, life coach.
Having a life filled with various experiences gained from different jobs, relationships, sports, fatherhood, volunteer, youth baseball, kids in college, hunting, fishing, professional animal removal, and working with adolescent boys and young men for over 20 years, I feel my message is poised to be heard by those who really need to hear it. Men, Women, and boys and girls of all ages!
Thank you for reading!

Dave Bosquez – The Emerging Man


Offering a message of… “Positivity w/ Work Gloves!”

Being a WORD ENTHUSIAST I offer my message… one word, one book, one speech, and one article at a time.

Author of – Books that make you… “Stop and Think” click the link below to access my catalog of books.


Offering speaking services ranging in topics from “Finding Your Manliness,” “Mental Health Today”, and as a licensed Minister, conducting services, and sharing Gods Word.

Blogger & Freelance Writer

Where it all comes together. Offering weekly articles to help you “Stop and Think” about one word, one topic, that will help you to grow into the next level version of yourself.

An excerpt from my book, “Gods Word Mechanically Speaking to Men”

by the man who wrote the Forward, Mr Brian Mytton…

“Needless to say, … I was taking poor care of myself, which ultimately led to a lot of confusion and a deeper depression. I didn’t know what to do. … Don’t get me wrong, it “felt good” to pray, and to SAY, “I am reading the Bible now,” but who was I fooling! … Reading scriptures… and understanding them… are two completely different animals. I was becoming more confused, which ultimately led me to experience more depression. And then along came Dave Bosquez.

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