You Are Never Truly “Ready”… so… be ready!

As an Emerging Man what specific area of life are you focusing on, that you believe will move you forward on your personal life journey?

Is it private, for just you? Maybe you and someone close to you?

Is it to be made public… at some point?

I don’t know if you have ever had this experience… a man comes up to you, in the office, at a ball game, at a school board meeting… and he is upset, wagging his finger in your face, giving you all kind of advice. What is, or what was your response?


I would say, “Who the hell are you to be giving me that kind of advice? And if you don’t put that finger away…”

As I build my next book I had to ask myself that same question.

I wondered who I was, and what gives me the right to give people advice, especially other men.

Then a different experience transpired, with a few men I work with, on the exact topic that I’m working on in my new book, “Before the Bible: What Happens Then?”

I haven’t been “feeling” ready. As I research the final chapters of the book I’ve had to ask, and question, my own beliefs. I want to make sure what I want to say is clear and concise.

The book isn’t ready. I don’t feel ready to share the book, or the information I think that pertains to it’s topic, BUT… when someone, a couple of guys, engage you in conversation… you can’t tuck tail as an Emerging Man and shrink away from the opportunity to ENCOURAGE, EQUIP & ENGAGE… on the spot!

If you read any “success” books, you will read lines that say, “Don’t worry if you feel ready to start or not, just start!”

That is solid advice. But where to start?

As a writer, blogger, and author I was encouraged to “just start” some years ago now.

I’m so glad I did.

I laugh at myself when I look back and read my early offerings, I was trying hard to “sound” like someone… who? I didn’t know at the time. But as an author you try to find your authentic voice, who you are, and present your ideas, stories, and yes… opinion on those topics that move you to spend the time on them.

How that is received is up to the world.

You, and I, have to be ok with that.

Throughout my personal “me-search” I’ve discovered that I am a communicator.

I’ve discovered I like the process of building a book.

I also appreciate the work that goes into a weekly website post.

Every week is a teachable moment, every article or book read as research for the next book allows me to grow into, hopefully, a better writer, a better communicator.

On the launch of the next book I will be taking the next step or two to “get the word out” and to grow as an author… the “feeling” of not being ready is always present, at each step.

I didn’t think I was ready when I put my first article out… but now weekly articles are a goad. They prod me onward. I look forward to them.

I am looking forward to my next book dropping… when it’s ready. I am looking forward to the discussions it may spur on.

What is it… in your life today… that you are working on… that you think still needs a little work?

If you were put “ON THE SPOT”, could you still ENCOURAGE, EQUIP & ENGAGE…

Ready or not???

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