“Alas, poor Yorick! For I knew him Horatio.”

One of these days I’m going to actually have to watch or read Ol’ Bill Shakespeare’s plays, at length, instead of depending on these random trivia snippets that have been filed away in my mind, from when and where… I’ll never know. [plus I don’t think Ol’ Bill used ‘For’ in the original]


Hamlet, sitting in a graveyard, holding a skull… remembering his youth, knowing his younger self, through the jovial experiences he had with poor Yorick… as you are an Emerging Man, and maybe, just maybe… are working on your mental health, and are skittish about getting reacquainted with your ‘inner emotional child’ OR think you are incapable of doing so here’s a few snippets for you.

Here’s an article I found that has made a lot of sense to me because of one line, written by Jonice Webb PH.d. on “Childhood Emotional Neglect”.

“Rest assured, you have the power to change this. In fact, many emotionally neglected people have already taken the steps to become more emotionally aware, connected, and enriched.”


Over at http://davebosquez.com/ I’ve been capturing my specific, personal, inner child recovery, and when I ran into this article it gave me the words to use to describe what I was finding to be true with my own experience.

But, as cool as this “new” doctor sounds and writes, this truth, “Rest assured, you have the power to change this”… isn’t new at all.

The Roman Emperor, Marcus Aureilus, wrote in his ‘Meditations’, “To recover thy life is in thy power. Look at things again as thou didst use to look at them; for in this consists the recovery of thy life.”

To… “Look at things again as thou didst use to look at them;” has had me go back, and then move past, the point where my heart was broken, back further yet, all the way back to “those thrilling days of yesteryear!”

Looking at life now through the eyes of an even younger child, before the world inhibited his growth, using that brighter outlook, as an adult now, to go to the older child who was wounded, place my hand on his shoulder and tell him, “We gotta saddle up.”

When I did that a cool thing happened… he actually moved away from his woundedness, and moved toward me, taking that first step towards healing emotionally, allowing himself to grow… moving on without his old saddle-bags of guilt.

As an Emerging Man what are your foundations? Foundations you stand on for your physical health? The foundation for your relationships? The foundation for your mental health? The foundation for your spiritual health?

My cornerstone is Jesus Christ.

Think he’s incompatible with thinking like a cowboy? You know he’s coming back on a horse… don’t you?

The Stoic philosophy is permeating today’s manly attempt at recovering a true meaning of masculinity for individual men, and society at large. With Marcus Aureilus leading the charge!

One of the things from our childhoods that cling onto our current version of masculinity is the fact that we don’t ask for help.

“You’re not getting that out alone!”

Marcus Aureilus offers us this, “Be not ashamed to be helped; for it is thy business to do thy duty like a soldier in the assault on a town. How then, if being lame thou canst not mount up on the battlements alone, but with the help of another it is possible?”

And when Jesus was asked, “Who is my neighbor?”

He provided us the example of the Good Samaritan. Found in Luke 10:25-37 NIV, it relays who we need to help.

If you are in the middle of your own, self-paced, self-discovery, inner child recovery mission… you… at the minimum… need one other man to talk to. Who allows you to feel comfortable sharing the journey, but who YOU actually listen to also.

I have a couple guys, good guys, who I check in with.

Who do you have that helps you?

Who are you helping?

ENCOURAGING, EQUIPPING & ENGAGING… along with RECOVERING… is also a mans duty.

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