Alignment… from Front Ends to Arrows… keeps us in front of The Eight Ball

As a young lion, looking for a coalition of your own… what characteristics in other lions are you looking for?

Are you a body builder lion?

Are you a warrior mindset lion?

An all business lion?

Maybe you are an outdoorsy kind of lion looking to join the ranks of the Archer Lions?

How are you lining up with your peer group/coalition?

What type of ALIGNMENT are you currently doing that will get you where you want to go?

Be careful…

You might be aligning yourself to the wrong thing.

Take those archery lions for example.

In my experience I always assumed I had to align myself with my target.

Worked that way for years.

Until I learned something about the arrow itself.

An arrow… never lies, it is always true to it’s mark.

You might blame the arrow for being two inches off center, but you would be wrong to do so.


The arrow hit… exactly what it was aimed at.

It “CAN NOT BUT HIT” what it is aimed at.

It is it’s very nature, it’s very design, it’s very purpose… is to hit what it is aimed at.

You might have THOUGHT you had it aligned with the center of the target… but you did not.

Another thing you will learn about the arrow, it doesn’t change, it doesn’t have to… if it is not hitting where we THINK it should be hitting… what changes, or what needs to change, or better yet, WHO needs to change?

It’s not the arrow. It’s not the coalition of lions that have already merged together over a common cause.

It’s you.

You need to change.

You need to think differently.

You need to bring your ALIGNMENT in line with the arrow itself.

Not your INTENDED target.

And not so much with the other lions, they are themselves… all different.

The Arrow itself and/or The Cause of the coalition.

And in order for you to ALIGN yourself with The Arrow… you will have to turn your mind to the arrow, turn your feet away from your intended target, adjust your shoulders, mind your elbows, determine your dominant eye, know where and how to keep the same anchor point, become strong enough for a fluid draw, understand and learn the condition and capabilities of your specific bow, along with knowing The Arrow and it’s specific limitations, flight characteristics, weight, length, spine, type of fletching, and what type of terminal tip you’re using.

And don’t forget to develop a smooth release, with follow through.

Then, if you’ve ALIGNED yourself with The Arrow, then… you may hit your intended target.

Having both your thought of WHERE you WANT The Arrow to HIT, and the ACTUAL MARK that IS hit… being the same.

It’s true… in order to align yourself with The Arrow, the front suspension of your truck, or your next shot at the eight ball… will require YOU to contort yourself into a position you may never have been in before.

Developing a new MUSCLE MEMORY more in line with the ALIGNMENT required of the arrow… or coalition of lions you want to pad around with.

To ENCOURAGE, EQUIP & ENGAGE with more Emerging Men has me looking at the current position I am in.

Noticing… where my arrow has been hitting.

I noticed I have some readjusting to do. I need to prune away some clutter. I need to clarify what The Emerging Man stands for, so that others can work on their ALIGNMENT with the idea of becoming one who can ENCOURAGE, EQUIP & ENGAGE… first with himself… and then with those in his circle of influence.

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