Re-Calibrating Sounds Great, But Were You Calibrated To Begin With?

“Yeah… I might have had one too many.”

What? No. CALIBRATED… not inebriated.

“Hahaha, either way… I got turnt up!”

I had to adjust my “extra” curricular schedule lately, well, not really adjust “it”, I had to just SLIDE my time working on my “garage project” a little.

It made me think of a SLIDE-RULE.

That made me think of…

Ever look at a slide rule?

Yeah, I don’t know what it’s for either.

When I had to slide my schedule… you know how songs get stuck in your head…

Well, I looked one up, a slide rule that is.

As I was educating myself on what a slide rule does, it hit me… man am I dumb.

Well that… and… as an EMERGING MAN if I’m on a journey, a life journey, where did I start my calibrations?

And if, along my journey, what way-points, or new information am I using… to RE-CALIBRATE… when I need to SLIDE or ADJUST a little?

To re-calibrate implies you were calibrated to begin with.

Then, if, you were calibrated… what was the measure that you think you were measured, dialed into and calibrated against? In order to set your life course?

At some point in human history, some dude was staring up at the stars… for a long, long, long time… and at some point it dawned on him… “Hey, you see that one there? It never moves.”

Giving birth to the positive thinking; self improvement; and EMERGING MAN phrase of…

“What is your NORTH STAR? What are you guiding yourself by? How do you know when you are off course? How do you re-calibrate yourself when you do get blown off course?”

How do you know when you need to re-calibrate?

This EMERGING MAN has discovered two tell tale signs, one positive; one negative; that alert him to the fact that a re-calibration is needed.

The positive indicator light… VICTORY!

The negative indicator light… PAIN!

But before we go a step further, I would like to stress, that NEGATIVE inputs… and PAIN are as good a North Star as you will find, a perfect opportunity to SET your calibration to move you forward.

And VICTORY… as awesome as that is… and IT IS awesome, only indicates that you WERE properly calibrated to begin with.

But we humans will do anything to AVOID pain to remain comfortable.

We get used to the bumpy, rough, and tumbly nature of our lives and lie to ourselves, saying, “This is it. This is all there is. It will never be any better.”

And life may become PAINFUL, a real struggle. Or worse, maybe turning it into a… “I just give up.”

Now, for that VICTORY light.

Here is the thing… right before you experience victory… you will be feeling UNCOMFORTABLE.

As an EMERGING MAN yourself you may have addressed a PAIN… re-calibrated your diet; your reading list; maybe your attitude toward a specific belief you have; and you are taking successful steps and moving forward.

And as you move forward you come to realize that your initial pain HAS NOT become PAINFUL… uncomfortable, heck yes, but you’re wading through it… toward your goal… spotting a victory out on your personal growth; business; or relationship HORIZON.

You anticipate VICTORY, you can see it, it’s just right there… that is the exact moment you become GRATEFUL for that PAIN indicator… because if it wasn’t for that… your calibration would still be off…

And instead of wading through your life battle THIGH HIGH, “snapping necks & cashin’ checks”…

you find yourself NECK DEEP… and struggling to just stay afloat.

To ENCOURAGE, EQUIP, & ENGAGE you today, I offer this challenge…

Re-calibrate how you perceive PAIN this week.

If you have a pain this week, look at it as a OPPORTUNITY, to learn what new setting you need to calibrate yourself to… that will allow you to move positively forward, towards that North Star; that 200lb bench; that 5lb weight loss… maybe having your first therapist appointment; maybe calling your dad, who you haven’t talked to for eight months.

If you have a PAIN check it out, calibrate for VICTORY, while you ENCOURAGE, EQUIP, & ENGAGE!

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