Passion Myth: Fact or Fiction

As a young man today, or an older man, who has developed some situational awareness concerning his perceived manliness, they may hear the advice, in order to move forward…

“Follow Your Passion.”

I never liked that advice.

Especially when given to a young man at 18 or 22, coming out of college.

Who’s only known passion to date was watching cartoons, or playing Fortnite Battle Royale, while possibly stocking shelves at the local Walmart.

Pardon my language but, “That kid doesn’t know his ass from his elbow.”

Much less what his lifelong passion is.

The better question to that 18 year old would be, “What are you good at right now?”

And the 22 year old, college grad, “What did you go to school for? Are they hiring basket weavers right now?”

Or poets, or philosophers, or history majors?

A coalition of lions comes together for mutual benefit.

A lion has to eat!

Does your personally perceived passion put food on the table?

You think lions are hungry? Try having a couple of healthy little boys running around.

What if you’re a young dad like I was? Now I gotta worry about a young wife, a young son, and within a couple of years… 1, 2, 3, kids!

I have a passion for grouse hunting.

Nobody is hiring grouse hunters… as far as I know, but if you hear something let me know.

Grouse Hunt 2020 Gibson & Laney 13 Flushes

“Start a t.v. show, or Youtube channel Dave.”

Did you not hear me? I have a family to take care of. Still.

I can’t be all willy-nilly, chasing unrealistic fantasies.

Maybe if I was younger, and didn’t have a family. But food, water, and shelter are immediate needs, and a man with those responsibilities needs to do what he’s got to do… in order to meet those responsibilities.

His combing his beautiful mane, and buying designer crocodile shoes, has to go the way of the Dodo.

He’s got kids to feed.

The bigger life skill that is needed for either of those young men would be to… learn how to not step into the sleepy trap of being comfortable, and JUST settling for whatever job you float into.

Take a job to pay the bills and take care of your family… if you are responsible for one… YES.

Then with an Emerging Man’s intent & focus, work on your self improvement methodically.

Make a plan, and work the plan.

Even if it keeps you up past midnight once in a while.

If you are a young lion, here is a link to Encourage, Equip & Engage you.

As an older lion, here is my two cents… “Get to work.” And with intent… look at the current path you are on. Determine with focus if that path will have you crossing the paths of other lions you could learn from.

If not… leave that path.

It will not lead you into being the Emerging Man you see yourself being in the future.

If, as you progress down the right path for you, you discover a passion that will support you and your family, then by all means have at it!

(That was kinda encouraging… maybe I will look into that YouTube channel after all… maybe I can call it “The Search Pattern” or “Find It!” or “Upland Bird News and Reviews” sponsored by The Emerging Man .com Encouraging, Equipping & Engaging the next generation of bird hunters!)

Hey! My family is grown up now. I have some time on my hands.

I’ve shouldered, and soldiered through, my family responsibilities… it is one area where I do “FEEL” like a man, because it was with loving, focused, intent… that I undertook those responsibilities as it unfolded over the last thirty years.

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