Our Perceived Position

On my Home Page, in the opening salvo, I mention that as an Emerging Man… you may find yourself “as one among a coalition of lions.”

If you’ve ever watched a nature channel documentary on lions, you learn that lion coalitions happen quite frequently. Two… or more… adult male lions align themselves with one another in order to maintain a key territory.

Lining up with each other… Shoulder to Shoulder.

How do they come to be?

Which lion gives way to which lion?

Is there a leader? A subordinate?

Who gets the girl????


Coalitions are set up most often by a set of brothers, sometimes… cousins, and it has been documented on separate occasions that a coalition is set up by a set of strangers who happen to meet up… out in the wandering wilderness of life.

And the one critical, and overriding reason to team up?


Two, or more, adult male lions can secure more resources, (access to water, access to prey animals) and females, and can guard against other adult male incursions than a single lone soldier.

Two to four adult male lions per pride is common.

The image of a single gloriously maned, Mufasa-esque male, dominating a large pride isn’t exactly proven out by the actual science, but… there are always exceptions.

A single male lion in charge of the pride has been documented, scientifically, in the Tsavo East National Park, in Eastern Kenya.

It seems to have something to do with their elevated levels of testosterone. They continue to study these, aggressive, and by the way… maneless, (bald) lions, that don’t like to team up.


I like the imagery of a coalition of lions.

Standing shoulder to shoulder. Strength supporting strength. And a little intimidating.

I’m not a physically intimidating person.

If you saw me, you’d walk right past me.

Moving aside only… because you were uncomfortable with me looking you in the eye, as you passed me by.

Some men, generally younger men, are drawn to other men that they SEE have some form of physical strength that is plainly seen. Like a full mane on a Serengeti lion.

Men like Mike Tyson, Joe Rogan, Muhammad Ali, Brett Favre, “The Mountain” Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, and this new cat… David Goggins.

Throughout history a mans physical stature, his physical presence, is his personal “book cover” we judge them just by looking at them.

And we, as men of today… try to find the least aggressive, the least testosterone filled group, of only one or two others, who we would consider to be a part of.

Behaving more like the lone nomad male, who gets pushed out of the area, living on the edge, just surviving, maybe at one time with an opportunity to be a great general… but now loathing those he has surrounded himself with, thinking them… beneath him.

Even though he is now one of them.

How do I, as an Emerging Man myself, let you, the lone nomad, know it is o.k. to come in from the cold? This blog will have to suffice as my communicating roar.

I have to confess… I haven’t been in the same territory of a group of highly competitive, testosterone filled, chisel jawed manly men. And, I’ve only seen a real lion in a zoo.

Quick note: I have held a tiger though. They’re heavier than you think.

I’ve been around a few who I would consider men… on different levels, mostly based on character, intelligence, and their relationships with Jesus Christ.

Shoulder to Shoulder.

Sadhrguru, in explaining his relationship with his daughter, told her when she asked, “Why are you not teaching me anything?”

He replied, “Because I do not teach unsolicited.”

I believe the only way a person learns anything is by searching it out for himself. You gotta ask.

If you found The Emerging Man I believe you are an Emerging Man… regardless of physical prowess, age, intellect, or station of life. (heck, you might even be a female, looking for what a good man needs to be)


And whatever the questions you have about, “Becoming a Man,” just know the coalition you have found yourself in, either… has or have had… the same questions.

We’ll have to develop a saying. A greeting of some sort. Not quite a mantra… but something.

Something like what was used in the movie Gladiator.

First Maximus uses it while a General in the Roman Legions.

Then as he develops a new coalition of lions amidst the refuse of men used in the arena.

It fit’s us today… so for your consideration, I offer you this salutation as we move out together, shoulder to shoulder… to Encourage, Equip & Engage with other lions and lionesses…

“Strength & Honor”

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