Jack of all Shirking vs. David the Giant Slayer

As an Emerging Man which of these confidence or skill levels do you identify with… realistically… that’s the hard part, be real with yourself, a little humble, but honest with your personal assessment.

Use your current work responsibilities as a backdrop to gauge your emerging manliness.

Using “responsibilities” as the yard stick, lets take that personal assessment…

  • check your attitude that you have when it comes to responsibilities, do you own them? or do you complain, bitch & moan, and otherwise drag your feet on them?
  • do you look on your responsibilities as an opportunity to grow your skill set? or do you scramble to get it done with minimal effort? hoping they don’t ask you to do that again?
  • do you look on others who have a heavier responsibility load and say things like, “I could do that job, but the headache isn’t worth it?” or “He’s just making it look more important, anybody could do that job.”

Taking responsibilities by the horns is a sign of emotional maturity, manliness, and good character.

Don’t get me wrong, you may feel anxious on the inside when taking on a new responsibility, same as if you had to tangle with a real giant, but that rush of adrenaline helps you know that you are alive.

How do we develop into a master level skill set handling responsibilities? How do we get there from here? How do we slay our own giants?

Ask yourself, “Where is here?” “Where am I?” “How do I handle the topic of “responsibilities?”

Here is my encouraging, equipping, & engaging life experience, and advice, for you to ponder on.

  • Step right into those responsibilities.

The same way you would step in to shake hands with your favorite childhood hero.

Yep, your gonna be a little nervous at first but… when you take action, when you take on responsibilities with a positive, honest attitude, your employer, your wife, and your friends will appreciate you on a whole nuther’ level!

I’ve been in the work force quite awhile now, and I have never had a bad experience by taking on more responsibility. In fact, even when things go sideways, I was never slammed by a superior if what I was doing turned out to be “wrong,” because they knew I was acting in good faith, with the current information that was provided to me, or that I could garner on my own, in order to do the best job that I could do.

There is a secret I found out also when I assumed responsibilities… it’s a sort of super power that bolsters your self confidence… the same way our yellow sun empowers Superman.

On the very rare occasion a superior felt the need to use anger or threats to correct me, I was able to stand and deliver, toe to toe, with supreme confidence… because I knew once we figured out what had happened I wouldn’t be the scapegoat.

It’s starting to happen again in my current position, I’ve been in it now for over a year. The upper ups have come to know me as a stand up guy, willing to take responsibility for my actions… even to the point now that they ask me for my input… even though I’m still pretty new to the company.

I highly recommend becoming a man, emerging from your past habit of shirking responsibilities, into an emerging man of good character, taking on responsibilities, owning them, striving to meet them to the very best of your abilities… and if you fall a tad short, you’ll be mature enough, and emotionally strong enough, to use them as a learning experience, increasing your skill level, expanding your experience… working towards that master level of manliness that allows us to slay those inner giants.

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