Little Johnny ain’t so little anymore, now He’s Big John

The current environment of manliness endeavors promotes brotherhood, camaraderie, and the warrior ethos of, “No one left behind.”

Here at The Emerging Man I promote the 3 E’s. Encourage, Equip, & Engage.

As opportunities present themselves I am training myself to recognize them, so that I can apply all 3 at a moments notice… whether that’s with the CEO, or the new check out gal, having a busy first day.

“Who dares despise the day of small things,…” ~ Zechariah 4:10

I have noticed in writings, videos, and podcasts a penchant of manly men to still sound negative concerning someone new, looking to improve their perceived manhood.

It’s a fine line, I get it, how do YOU sound manly and garner followers without sounding soft, like, “It’s ok little Johnny, my program can help you become a man, it’s ok, you can come out now.”

It seems to me some, not all, that I’ve read, would rather have little Johnny go through a simple boot camp to knock his crap off, and THEN he’d be a candidate for their school of thought.

Do not despise the small things.

I believe I am perceiving a gap in the approach. I realize I do not have any experience, other than online, with these other groups of men, and so it is an assessment made from afar.

I feel I am in that gap myself.

I do not currently have a monetary budget to attend any seminars, weekend retreats, or confabs of manly men in order to garner any filling for my personal gap.

I read online, I read hard copy… books… for you real young fellas… I have endeavored to re-brand myself as an author and free-lancer, I meet a weekly deadline for 3 .coms, I submit articles for pay, and I have 5 titles on Amazon currently, with 2 other projects in “idea stage” and yet I feel small.

I feel I am despising the little that I have been able to do to progress my personal outlook on my manliness.

Do not despise the day of small things.

Where did you start your hunt for your manliness? With some big grand explosion of action? Or was it over a cup of coffee, contemplating your place in the world, as of today, and settling on a small thought of, “Am I a man?” “What do I think manliness is?” “How the heck can I find out?”

Every emerging man has had this experience.

Not every emerging man will follow through to the end to see where he measures up.

Every emerging man will need to determine, for himself, what he believes to be missing from his personal manliness tool kit.

It’s a narrow walk, that proverbial fine line, of looking for yourself and looking to others, other men, to try and determine what’s missing.

Do not despise the day of small things.

My personal journey has led me to identify a gap in my relationship with money, having discovered a small, undeveloped, and immature picture of myself, cemented in place, in my mind… curated there by the time I was 7 years old.

Having identified the issue, I am now researching to find those actions I can take that will allow me to develop, and maturate, that small undeveloped picture of myself, into one of a full growed man!

I like my approach to the manliness issue, or lack of it, I am here to help, I know that, I am that, I will eventually grow, with proper repetitions, proper nutrition, and the proper information that will teach me how to mature in my relationship with understanding how to make money.

Growing to the point… where I could benefit from experiencing one of those other programs.

Every idea, or man, starts out small, even you… so do not despise the day of the small things… because one day they may be big… real big… bigger than you even… and you may find yourself stuck in your own gap… hoping for a big hand to help yank you out.

We are all Emerging Men on some level… and we can all Encourage, Equip, & Engage one another as the opportunities arise… SHOWING that we do not despise the day of small things.

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