Why The Three E’s?

Why The Three E’s? Well let me tell you.

The Three E’s came about rather recently as I studied everything I have gathered thus far about being a better man myself and working to develop my message as an author on the topic of manhood. I don’t purport to having all the answers to this thing called manhood, but I have become increasingly more determined that the need for manliness needs to be taught and brought to the fore by men, myself included, as we discover the importance of it in this crazy, mixed up world.

The Three E’s are Encourage, Equip & Engage

Encourage, definition by Merriam – Webster “to inspire with courage, spirit or hope”

Encourage, historical, Online Etymology Dictionary “early 15c., from Old French encoragier “make strong, hearten,” from en- “make, (to) put in” (Italics are mine)

Equip, definition by Merriam – Webster “to furnish for service or action by appropriate provisioning,” “to make ready : prepare

Equip, historical, Online Etymology Dictionary “1520s, from Middle French Ă©quiper “to fit out,” from Old French esquiper “fit out a ship, load on board”

Engage, definition by Merriam – Webster “to offer (something, such as one’s life or word) as backing to a cause or aim,” “to expose to risk for the attainment or support of some end”

Engage, historical, Online Etymology Dictionary “early 15c., “to pledge” (something, as security for payment), from Old French engagier “bind (by promise or oath)

There you have “The Three E’s of Manhood.

I’ll be delving into each one in more detail in upcoming posts. Until then.

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