What is an Emerging Man

An Emerging Man is an aware man.

An Emerging Man… is a man who is looking to move forward on his new awareness.

An Emerging Man is… you. And me. And others… who have realized that something is missing in their life.

The number one similarity, in The Emerging Man experience, has been the absence of an engaged father or any positive, adult male, presence in our lives. We may have had a dad… but he did not encourage, equip or engage with us. Or our father was gone. We never knew or saw him… ever.

And with his absence went our ability to reach our full potential as men.

“From the remembrance of my father… I learned…”
~ Marcus Aurelius

It is my hope that through sharing my experience and journey @theemergingman.com, and offering resources for you to use on your own journey, we can re-discover and re-claim our manhood and most importantly… BE THERE for our own son(s).

At theemergingman.com we will be “Building Better Men by Being Better Dads.” We will be using The Three E’s – Encourage, Equip & Engage, as our drum beat, to help each other reach that full potential, for ourselves, and our sons.

So, Welcome to the journey of The Emerging Man.

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