Knowing When To Jump… rope; clear; or ship, requires a sense of timing.

“Another new job Dave?”


Hello there loyal readers.

I must apologize for my weekly absence throughout last Fall and Current Winter, I beg your pardon.

I have been burning the candle at both ends; busy as a bee; and trying to make hay when the sun shines… which in winter is kinda tough!

Most of you, some of you know why.

Oldest daughter got married; youngest daughter had a beautiful baby girl; I accepted “another” new job at my day job (I work nights actually – 12 hr shift) and I tackled my next book project.

Needed tackling too… he’s BIG!

You may have caught one of my Facebook reels about it, I mean him, THE JOKER!

A huge 1957 Pontiac Super Chief Catalina Coupe… 1/4 mile drag racer! 2023 will see him via for #1 on new territory down south and new territory as those boys race on an 1/8 mile strip… I’ve been told by The Joker himself, “It’s different.”

The story and book proofs were completed ahead of schedule and delivered to shop owners Greg and Leah Stelse of @GREGSSPEEDSHOP

They loved it!

And so I was preparing to do a big splash announcement as to it’s publish date… as we have encountered some excited interest in the story with those lucky few we had review it. (They loved it too!)

The look on my friends face when he finished it was priceless… if you know him, he isn’t the easiest guy to impress.

To say I was proud and humbled that he liked it would be a huge understatement, but I was.

So I thought, “Alright! Here we go, RAISE THE COLORS AND DAMN THE TORPEDOES!”

I was just waiting for the “thumbs up” to press my little Amazon button for the book to go live.

Instead I get a text that says, “We need to meet right away.”

I knew something was going to happen because he indicated he was involving, in his words, “My heavy hitters.”

I was prepared for “something” to happen, those guys don’t mess around, and I delivered on my end, early(thank you very much) so I figured “something happened. What’s the worse that can happen, they’ll shelve it for later?”

I arrived with my proof copies and little notebook, hoping they just wanted to make a few edits, which they did, but then they dropped it on me… “the release date will have to wait, Dave”.

I had two thoughts…

1. “Crap, people are excited for it to come out.”

And 2. “Glad I got paid yesterday.”

And then “the hammer” it knocked the wind out of me… now I’ve never been, in my life, at a loss for words… but right then, I was speechless.

Even asked Leah for a drink.

She happily offered me a cold Sundrop.

I couldn’t believe it.

The heavy hitters had stepped in.

And none heavier than Greg himself, “This is what I want to do, I think it needs to happen this way.”

This isn’t going to be just a simple edit.

Greg has found a way to make The Joker come alive visually as I have done using words!

The launch date is now outta my hands… but when we do launch… it will blow your mind!

You may not know this about Mr. Stelse, but he’s figured out a way to make dreams come true.

Stay tuned… THE JOKER 2023 COMING IN HOT! Just can’t say when just yet.

Just a side note… Greg, Leah, Industry Friends, and Heavy Hitters alike all say, “The story is A++!”

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