Good Thing It Doesn’t Depend On???

I recently read a quote in the middle of these last two weeks where I haven’t put out an article.

It helped ease the pain of having life jump up and bite me in the gluteus maximus!

But that bite helped to show me what my “lifestyle is”.

I could not re-find the quote in the ether of social media… it’ll pop up though, it goes something like this.

“Work your 9 to 5, to support your 5 to 9, until that 5 to 9 can support your 24-7!” ~ ???

Well it’s a good thing my bills don’t depend on my writing from 5 to 9, especially since the week before Thanksgiving.

Could I have squeezed those two articles in… amongst the holidays, the family get togethers’, the working of overtime, and figuring out a health item, seems to be at my current age I’ve developed some sort of allergy…

yes. Yes I could have shoe horned them into place.

Instead I looked at it from a “work load” perspective for future reference.

Your work load needs to support your personal “life style”.

What I’ve recently determined to be my personal lifestyle can be coined… “family man”.

I’ve noticed when life starts shoving me around, like a 6th grade bully, and wants me to sacrifice my family, I stand my ground and smack life in the mouth, for proposing such a stupid idea.

That’s my line in the sand.

My Rubicon, I will not cross.

The hill on which I choose to die.

For better… or for worse.

In the past I’ve missed work days; missed business opportunities; missed time fishing; missed time afield with my huntin’ dogs; missed time with my wife, as we worked opposite shifts so we could be with the kids, instead of getting a babysitter; and now I’ve missed a couple of article deadlines.

But there is a saying, it goes, “God is good… all the time.”

He’s provided me some time, right before Christmas to “get caught up” and to take stock of the importance that my writing has become for me.

Through my self assessment and ensuing goal setting to become a writer; an author specifically; I have discovered that I “need” to write.

Even though I missed putting out two Emerging Man articles, I was able to maintain my personal website blogs over at… I have to at least write those weekly, more as a therapeutic than anything else, but are essential to my overall re-branding goal of capturing “the journey to success” daily as it happens, from my personal experience viewpoint.

Today’s nugget, for you as an Emerging Man, at this time of year, is to reflect on and ponder your personal, line in the sand, concerning your view point on Christmas.

Regardless of your religious beliefs; regardless of your upbringing; regardless of your current environment… what do you think is the real meaning of Christmas… YOU! What do YOU THINK the real meaning of Christmas is???

I’m letting you know my personal perspective, sharing articles with you on the topics of personal re-branding; mental health for men; Emerging as a man in today’s chaotic world…

and to do that, and those things required of us… we need to know what WE THINK, what WE BELIEVE, and what WE HOLD to be self evident in this woolly world of ours.

I’ve determined to pick up a certain baton, in regards to my life race, concerning Christmas, it helped me when I was a youngster to get through from year to year.

Here is that baton, explaining the real meaning of Christmas…

Merry Christmas,

from one Emerging Man, to another.

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