After Talking To Yourself, Talk To Others, and Engage

It was a simple question really.

“Can you give me an example?”

As an Emerging Man myself, at my age, with my experiences… if you have a question like that I can usually help you out.

But there is one key component that some experienced men miss.

Even though they have experience, they may not have true self confidence, and your question may catch them flat footed, and unprepared to answer.

And so… you may wind up receiving some good ol’ fashioned BS!

Me… if I don’t know… I’ll tell ya.

I’ll still try to help, to engage with you, but I’m not going to give you some made up BS, just to make myself feel better.

The above question was asked, during a conversation about dedicated employee’s, you know… the good ones that show up every day.

My two cents was, “With all of these sign on bonuses for “new employees,” wouldn’t it be nice if the companies gave their “good employees” that money as a bonus for keeping the place going?”

Then I said, “Good employees are like the good kid in a family… they are easy to overlook.”

Then I looked at a young man who was in on the discussion, and who has a young child, and said, “When you have another kid don’t forget to Encourage the good one when you catch them doing something good.”

Him – “Can you give me an example?”

So, I ran him through a few instances I had with my kids.

I, on purpose, with my kids, when they did something good, like helping out at school, or being nice to a little sister… I would point that out specifically, tell them “Thank you for that, that was good what you did.”

I have seen, and heard, more than I care to, people who have the perspective of, “Well, they should just know that.”


If no one ever tells us the difference… how are we supposed to KNOW THE DIFFERENCE?

That young man appreciated the input.

Isn’t that the “secret ingredient?”


If you are willing to listen, willing to learn, willing to look at at an issue from a different angle… you can learn most anything.

I was willing to give an example.

He was willing to ask a question.

We both got something out of the conversation.

Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?

If you have kids… catch them doing something good, and ENCOURAGE them.

If you have a young man your working with, EQUIP him with some of your knowledge.

If you are an Emerging Man, start to ENGAGE, today, with those within your circle of influence

1 thought on “After Talking To Yourself, Talk To Others, and Engage

  1. paulmichielsallstatecom May 31, 2021 — 8:25 pm

    You know, I get a lot out of your writings, not sure about others but hope they continue.


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