Feeling The Pressure Means You’re Alive… a little cracked maybe… but alive!

And men, even though they are “feelin’ it,” will go out of their way to increase the pressure on purpose.

Young men… for this discussion… are those 45 and under, to the age of 18.

Today’s principle… “The Negative TUT”

What is “The Negative TUT?”

The Negative TUT is…



TUT stands for “Time Under Tension.”

It is a body building term, for an exercise routine, that helps to break down the muscle fibers, in order to promote growth.


I was getting to that.

The Negative TUT is experienced on the downward motion of an exercise.

Another term for that specific motion is “a negative rep.”

You would use “negative reps” to increase your “TUT”, for a specific muscle group.

After… you have exhausted said muscle group.

But a true TUT exercise is specifically set up, with a specific time range, for each motion of the specific exercise.

For instance… a standard barbell curl would have you time the “upward motion” to a 3 count; with a 4 count “pause” and squeeze, at the top; and then on the “negative” downward motion you would have a count of 6.

The combinations are endless… depending on what your goals are.

The Negative TUT can be applied to any and all muscle groups.

I’m currently working my forearms using TUT.

I found a good article in Muscle and Fitness that explains it well. I referenced that article in a Definite Dad article. Click the link below.


What is the underlying principle, of a Negative TUT, for a young man to understand?

And how can he apply it to help increase his manliness?

First look at, what we are trying to do with a Negative TUT.

We are trying to INCREASE the PRESSURE on our muscle group by applying MORE time while under that pressure.


Because we have hit an impasse.

In body building they would call it a plateau.

You’ve climbed the mountain, and upon reaching the top, you see it has flattened out. Like the gains on your bench press.

Why has it flattened out?

Because the human body always returns to a “homeostasis state,” a “home state,” like when you go to your moms house and take a nap on her couch… you are comfortable there.

The human body, and mind, can endure much abuse, and pressure.

If you have been bench pressing #185 routinely… your body gets used to it.

It says, “Here I’ve come… and here I’ll stay.”

So we have to actually ADD either more weight OR… and this is kinda a crazy thought, REMOVE weight BUT add EXTRA TUT… adding more time under tension in order to TRICK our bodies back into a growth mode.

But today’s young man seems to think that they need not feel any pressure at all in order to grow.

Even though he feels his body sagging; his spirit waning; and his mental fortitude lacking.

One more podcast isn’t going to help.

We need to come to the understanding that when we “feel the pressure,” whether physical, spiritual, or mental, that it is a signal for us to take a look at those three components of our life.

To determine our current state.

To determine “What is it about this thing that is so heavy right now?”

To determine, as we acknowledge the weight, what the lesson is.

Is it too heavy… physically? You’ll have to break it down, going from 50lb dumb bells to 25’s.

Is it too heavy… spiritually? You’ll have to determine what you believe, and why.

Is it too heavy… mentally? You’ll have to explore your true feelings about what it is that is causing your anxiety.

And if this “life heaviness” has you exhausted… counter to rational thought… you may have to ADD a bit more TUT!

Taking the “negative” by the scruff of the neck, and using it as a positive growth builder.

Don’t let your problems get too big to handle!

I’m not gonna lie… it’s not fun.

Actually, it’s hard. Real hard.

And as a “Real Life, Life Coach”(that’s what I call myself) I have to tell you… it never gets easy.

“Do you make gains though?”

Every time!

“In all three areas?”

Every time!

“What’s the trick?”

No trick. It’s understanding the principle, and then applying that principle to all three areas of your life as needed, or as determined, on purpose.

“If your under pressure, you need to add pressure. Doesn’t sound right.”

That is because you never heard that before.

Think of it like this.

An apple seed.

It feels the pressure of it’s husk.

It then applies pressure to break through that husk.

Only to find itself under pressure from the soil.

It then applies pressure to break through the soil.


But not so fast. It has just emerged, out into a crowded hedge row, on the edge of the orchard.

Feeling the pressure of the other plants as they all vy for water and sunshine.

It then applies pressure to make it’s way out of the shade… into the sunshine.

Understand… you will never be free of the pressures of this life.

Understand… you can stand up under those pressures.

Understand… you can apply The Proper TUT and The Negative TUT principle to any area of your life.

You can…

  • physically reduce the weight you lift and add time to your reps for your physique
  • spiritually you could start by reading the book of John, from the bible, for your spirit
  • mentally you could start to ENCOURAGE, EQUIP, & ENGAGE your mind by setting a reading schedule
  • all those things can use the TUT principle to add pressure to relieve pressure, and grow.

The real life problem comes to those who, having come to the the point in time, where they are just about to break through this next layer, and BLOSSOM into their next stage… but then…


You see it in business. You see it in fad diets. You see it in the gym.

And the worst case… you see it in yourself… when you say, “I should never have quit that.”

Remember: TUT stands for Time Under Tension… so let the clock tick off… and when you feel you are about to crack… remember to bear down… applying your own pressure… knowing the heaviest tension comes, same as the darkest hour of the night… just before the pressure of the sun; cracks open the new days dawn.

2 thoughts on “Feeling The Pressure Means You’re Alive… a little cracked maybe… but alive!

  1. This was encouraging and discouraging at the same time! LOL! It never gets easier UGH!! Good thing there is a day called REST


    1. Just like when you’re lifting something heavy!! They don’t call it R&R for nothing.


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