“It’s like… deja vu all over again.” ~ Yogi Berra

“FINE! Do over then!”

Remember when you and your neighborhood buddies were little… playing a game of street ball… and there would be a questionable play made, or a questionable call made at the plate?

A bit of a squabble may have ensued.

And instead of an all out brawl taking place, the kid who always wants the game to continue, hollers, “FINE! Do over then!”

As adult men, young adult men or, an Emerging Man of any age… we have forgotten the principle behind the “DO OVER.”

But I think Yogi nailed it… “deja vu all over again.”

The principle being? “We’ve been here before.”

Some of you may be thinking, “Come on Dave, that’s kid stuff. In the real world you don’t get do overs.”

You might have something there… but… let’s be honest… that’s bulls***!

We get “do overs” all the time.

Except, and I’ll give ya this one, except of course when… do I need to say it? Except of course, when we die. (I’m not looking for some big, drawn out, explanation of all the different religious, or anti religious ideology that’s out there, we’re talking about the here and now.)

Have a failed business? DO OVER!

Divorced three times? DO OVER!

Squeak out of a DUI? Lucky you didn’t kill anybody, but still… DO OVER!

If you are, as an old Wisconsin farmer once told me, “Up right, and taking nourishment,” you have an opportunity for a DO OVER!

I’m going through one right now.

I know it’s almost March of 2021, but the hangover from 2020 feels like it’s just now abating. Time to do the old “plop, plop, fizz, fizz,” and get back on the beam, and learn how to market my work.

I had a book come out last year, that is linked to this site, that due to, let’s say, technical difficulties, never received any fanfare, marketing, (except here) not even, a little bally-hoo, when it launched.

So… I’m taking my DO OVER! Moving my “ghost runner” over to second base, and taking my turn as “all time batter,” in 2021. And, I’m gonna take all the hacks I can get.

I meant to use The Definite Dad in 2020 as my learning curve for “Book Marketing on Little to No Budget.”

I’ll be digging into that aspect of being a self published author, and how to communicate my work, to those who may benefit from it.

My current marketing plan, in a nutshell, I have 3 websites…

  • http://www.davebosquez.com – captures the “personal” journey I embarked on to re-brand myself as a writer, and to capture “success” as I learn it, and hopefully, as I experience it.
  • From that came http://www.theemergingman.com – capturing what I feel is missing in my personal manliness, and discovering that it is a conversation that many men [and I’m finding, young ladies]seem to benefit from.
  • And the http://www.definitedad.com emerged as the first idea where I feel the most manly. Writing the book, utilizing my life experience thus far, having kids, working with kids, and coaching kids… for a couple of decades… to kick off The Emerging Man message of “to ENCOURAGE, EQUIP, & ENGAGE.”

Thank you for reading my work.

Check out the www.definitedad.com site and book.

You may have noticed a few of the rough edges on my work. One of the things I have discovered about myself is that “I’m a Doer,” so, I learn as I go. I’m finding out writing is very conducive to that personality trait.

If you haven’t gathered yet, I’m comfortable, with taking a do over. When you learn as you go, you either miss a detail, or miss the point completely… but those are great teachable moments, and learning experiences, and when you have those in the writing industry, and you fix them… they call that “editing.”

But we know what it really is… it’s a DO OVER! Or somebody else tells ya, “Do it over!”

The next time in your life when something isn’t going quite right, do this to ENCOURAGE, EQUIP, & ENGAGE…

  • STOP and take a deep breath
  • THINK about the fact that you’ve been here before
  • EXHALE and call out, “FINE! DO OVER THEN!”

I’m telling ya, “It works.”

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