No Purpose; Do What You’re Good At; What’s That? Being Confused.

Sometimes as an Emerging Man, young or old, as we emerge out of our recent past, we step out onto a new edge… maybe a logging road; an empty highway; a river bank; and we wonder, “This is not what I imagined it would be… did I make a mistake? Do I keep going? Do I quit?”

Today’s article is a nod to that moment we all share in, that moment of confused doubts.

Emerging Men: “Do what you’re good at.” They say.

Question: How do we know what we are good at?

Emerging Men: “Stop trying multiple things, focus on ‘that one thing.'” They say.

Question: At what age can we know what we like to do if we haven’t tried a few different options?

Where did you meet Monsieur Lautrec?

Emerging Men: “Stopping feels like quitting. I’m no quitter.”

Question: Have you meditated on, “What ill’s will happen if you stop? Do you still think the world will stop, because you still think it revolves around you?”

Emerging Men: What gauge can I use as a discernment tool?

Question: Have you heard about the 10,000 hour rule? If it takes 10,000 hours to achieve mastery, then can we use 10,000 hours as a bench mark to ascertain if you like doing what you are doing?

Emerging Men: Any other tools?

Question: Can you write down your current responsibilities?

Emerging Men: Why would I do that?

Question: If you have a house, a mortgage, 3 kids, a wife, 2 dogs, a cat… quitting a paycheck to move into an abandoned warehouse to paint… may not be realistic…don’t you think?

But… could you clean out the attic; using half of it as a studio; going through the discovery process of becoming the next Toulouse-Lautrec? Growing through the levels of first being interested; then growing into… monthly hobby; weekly hobby; daily hobby, morphing into habit; discovery of “can this be a career, a paying gig?; understanding commercial viability; refining your work; scheduling your work; persisting in your work; developing the new revenue stream; taking a few stabs here and there; and if successful starting to weave those new daily responsibilities into the fabric of your current daily life?

Emerging Men: What if I don’t have any major responsibilities? No family, no long term job, I don’t even have a car payment.

Question: Then what are you waiting for?

Self Improvement; Personal Growth; Changing Careers; Re-Branding yourself as an author; is hard work. Really hard sometimes. Sometimes you lose focus of your purpose.

Come on, let’s chase a Zebra! “No thanks.”

But if it was easy…

In order to clear the confusion we need to learn how to think different; the best exercise for thinking different IS thinking different.

When you emerge out onto your next edge… embrace the moment of being a little confused… realize this is your chance to think differently… maybe you only create one “Assembly of Hunters” that hangs in your bedroom… as a reminder that, “I tried it, didn’t like it, but I found this direction because of it…”

2 thoughts on “No Purpose; Do What You’re Good At; What’s That? Being Confused.

  1. Take a moment to read your article as if you are seeing it for the first time. I got the “jist” (SP? Gist?) of it but was tough to follow you thought process thru the article. Love you Man!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Paul, I gotta say, “I’m getting better.” Your comment is the exact sentiment I was trying to conjure up!

      Liked by 1 person

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