“Can I Go Outside and Run Around?”

Has there ever been a little boy who HASN’T asked for permission to go outside and play… even if it was raining?

Then, said same boy, waiting achingly for his mom (Definite Dads always say “Go ahead”) to give him permission to “go run around,” (never in the rain though) outside cavorting like a new born calf coming out of his nightly stall.

Permission. It’s a funny thing.

A young man now a days may seem stuck because he doesn’t quite have the confidence to allow himself to “go out and run around in the rain.”

In 2009 when I started my manliness journey I looked to others to try and glean some information as to how to go about this journey… because I felt I was missing some information.

Then, like a slowly closing fox trap, I realized I was caught… caught waiting to get permission from these gentleman, and their articles and products, having THEM tell ME, “It’s ok to be a man, go outside and play now.”

I have learned, as a man, if I’m waiting for someone else to give me permission to do something, all I’m doing is making it easy for myself to diffuse the responsibility of any outcomes, and building in someone else I can blame, at least partially, for any failures that occur.

That… IS NOT being a man. I can tell you that, for sure now… because I am guilty of that myself.

No more. No more. No more. (Well I might slip up, but it won’t be on purpose next time.)

In his book “7 Habits of Highly Successful People” Stephen R. Covey puts forth the principle of “starting with the end in mind.” Having a crystal clear goal of where it is you want to be someday.

I’ve found this to be a truthful principle.

For today I would like you to take a look at the steps it will take you to GET THERE. You may not know all the steps it will take right now to get there… but you will learn them along the way.

Now… you need to take full responsibility for all of those steps… all of the small actions you will need to do to take those steps… and if you fail or falter… assume all of the responsibility for yourself and your actions… then, as I teach in my articles… you will re-assess “What the heck happened?” and make a plan based off of that information to get you back on track.

NOTE: If everything works out, which most of it will, write down the successful steps also, and the actions you took that allowed success to happen. And celebrate a little bit… but also… save those steps and actions… those steps that made you your first $25.00 bucks will be exactly the same as the ones that make you $2,500, and $25,000, and so on and so forth.

It doesn’t matter what endeavor, or trail, you are on… art, business, personal… whatever… the reps it takes for that particular endeavor are the same… all the way up the ladder!

NOW… did you hear me ask, in all those words… for permission from anybody?

Didn’t think so. Were they Encouraging, Equipping & Engaging? I hope so.

Whatever you have going on… get after it!

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