Team Manliness: What’s Your Position on the Squad?

One of the criteria to team participation is that a man needs to know himself, so that, he can know his role.

I was a kid in the seventies, Marvel Comics were not that old, and my mom would get me subscriptions once in awhile, and if I made some cash I could buy them downtown, when the local store carried them in the magazine rack.

The Hulk, Iron Man, Cap, The X-Men and even into my early twenties I would still pick up a copy featuring Wolverine.

They all were individuals, and they all participated on teams at one point or another.

The thing I thought was cool, was how Marvel exploited the differences of each character, and his or her powers, developing not only teams, but intricately weaving them into the proper place on the squad, and developing the back story to each character that allowed us to get to know them on multiple levels.

Currently for The Greater Man Squad At Large… I am playing for a local, small town outfit, in the minors. I am not on a nationally known squad, our presence is known locally, but if you search hard enough you will find us on the internet, much like The Toledo Mudhens or Durham Bulls.

My position is currently with Team Bosquez; Wega Chapter. I play “Dad” and “Husband” and just recently was promoted to “Grandpa.” With 1 wife, 3 sons, 2 daughters, 1 daughter-in-law, and 1 granddaughter… I have quite the squad. And I know my role(s).

I do keep tabs on other affiliates also like… David Goggins, Ryan Michler, Josh Hatcher, Rafa Conde, The Rock, Joe Rogan, and Jocko Willink… along with multiple authors, past and present, and other Greater Man Squad teams and players.

Doing my thing in the minors while waiting for the call up!

I truly feel like I fit my role for my family, even got the “You’re the man dad, The Old Man, but still The Man,” coffee mug.

But when I have the opportunity, which isn’t often, to mix and mingle with others on The Man Squad, I feel a sense of smallness, like when you’re on the ocean, it is more pronounced when I am around the “professionals.”

Here is the thing: when you set sail on your man journey you will hear and see quotes and phrases that tell you to “not care what others think.” But that phrase only resembles the first shove you give your boat to clear the dock in order for you to clear the motor, or mooring, so that you can get under way, or fire up the motor.

As you progress you will find you need to gain feedback from others to help you understand yourself.

Now, I’ve been figuratively sailing along on this quest, for awhile now, trying to find my own Man Squad, where my skills and abilities allow me to be a benefit to the overall Manly Industry.

I’ve found this to be true… I don’t care what “others” think, especially when they are negative. But I do care what my sons, daughters, wife, family, and friends think. Why wouldn’t I?

I have a few men friends that I converse with and I absolutely care what they think.

And not because I’m out to please them, but because I know if I ask them for the truth they will tell it to me in such a way as to hit the mark… but that does not cause me to become defensive and want to start a fight.

I’ve found that to be a rare thing indeed.

Being on a uniformed team allows you to find your individuality. Your super power. And yourself.

What’s the quote? Oh yea…

“Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be one.” – Marcus Aurelius

As you search for yourself; as you search for your manliness; as you trim your sails; as you become healthier; as you have marvelous mental breakthroughs or epiphanies, remember at each and every stage you have the ability, and the responsibility, to be the best man you can be at that precise moment in time… regardless of where you find yourself playing for The Man Squad.

When you find yourself… being a man, regardless if you think you’re being a man among men or not; you will always find opportunity to ENCOURAGE, EQUIP, & ENGAGE!

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