How to Find a Voice of Reason

One component to an Emerging Mans development is his ability to discern for himself a “voice of reason.”

But as is the case with most of us this whole journey into manhood doesn’t seem to allow enough opportunity to rub elbows with other men moving along the lines of a similar journey.

A comment the success guru’s throw out there is, “Surround yourself with people you want to emulate, surround yourself with like minded individuals.”

If you are an automotive mechanic, working six days a week, going to night school three or four times a week for a career move into financial planning or business administration, maybe with a wife and a little one at home to take care of… how the heck do you “surround” yourself with financial planners or Directors or CEO’s???

I’ll tell ya how.

Through books… at first. Yep your working. Yep your going to school. Yep your child has a birthday this weekend… but if you are serious about re-branding your life you MUST carve out time to read relevant books written by men who have or have had experience in your new field of study.

It’s a long, slow, row to hoe but it must be done.

#1 Read specific books, by authors who have experience in your field, and who have placed their voice in the book for you.

#2 Find online content that is specific to your needs… looking again to someone to emulate.

#3 This is the hard one… find a real, live person, to ask to be your mentor. There are business groups for retired business men who gather to help the next generation. Start your search with your day job boss. Maybe he has time for you OR he may know of a group in the area OR go way out on a limb and cold call a specific person working in your new area of interest.

I have been doing all three of these for a few years now.

#3 Is the hardest. Finding the time, first of all, in your own schedule, and then finding an inviting group, or that rare fellow who enjoys giving of his time as a mentor AND THEN being able to coordinate coffee, or a lunch once every couple of months can be very daunting.

I have found I have come to the point where I have to start rubbing some more elbows in order to learn what I need to know moving forward in developing my message for The Emerging Man website. I think I know what the next step is… but I’ve never stepped there before, so I would like to hear some real life advice about developing these online offerings and developing further as an author, and trying NOT to step in it… if you know what I mean!

I am currently researching writing groups, local artisans, and other website designers in order to learn and hopefully partner with some as I have an idea of how I want to move forward.

As an Emerging Man yourself search out those voices that make sense to you, for where you are… now.

Don’t close yourself off… remember other men have been in the exact same spot you have now found yourself in. Follow our foot prints out of the battle-smoke and toward you personal goals.

I have the added benefit of having a friend who is also a mentor. We get together for coffee. To check in, share ideas, discuss one of my articles or books I have written, and to fill each other up with Gods grace.

He is living out The Three E’s by encouraging me, equipping me, and engaging with me… to give me the right nudge, in the right direction, at the right time.

Now it’s up to me to follow through! As a man, and more than that… an appreciative man.

1 thought on “How to Find a Voice of Reason

  1. A Great resource for business mentors is a group called SCORE, amazing resource!


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