The Principle of the Principle is the Thing a Man searches For

As an Emerging Man you may not have your personal principles figured out yet. There are many emerging men who came from a fatherless home, or who may have had a dad… but the dad did not take his responsibilities seriously, when it came to instilling principles into his boy… he left him void.

Where does that leave an Emerging Man?

Looking for a man to show him the way… that’s where!

“Comparing apples to apples…”

We all do it. We may not be loud about it, but we are quietly searching for that one man who sounds like he is making sense of it all… and when we find him… we “follow” his content same as we would have followed our own dad if he would have spent the time with us.

If you read the opening statement or past articles you will know is promoting a three word principle of Encourage, Equip & Engage… first with yourself and then with those in your sphere of influence.

There are other life principles an emerging man will need to learn about. But just learning about them, reading them in a book or online is not the same as being able to apply them to your life.

So what is the Principle of the Principle?

If you are new to the journey of emerging as a man I want to share with you one principle today to get you started.

Today’s principle… “you reap what you sow.”

“… so don’t think you’ll end up with oranges.”

Think about that for a minute. Maybe you heard it before, maybe not. It seems like a simple one, but we don’t really take the time to understand it fully and we certainly don’t apply it as we need to.

You may call it a “natural law” but I consider it a Godly principle. Here is why… certainly it is natural, when you plant seed corn you don’t expect apple tree’s to sprout up, but it is Godly to me because we as men have a thing we can “sow” that can produce all manner of things.

That thing… is… an idea, a thought, a changed mind.

You know somehow that you are falling short of being a man… maybe physically.

You then take the thought of “I’m weak,” and you pull it like a weed and you replace it with the new seed/thought of, “I want to get strong.”

Then you look at your plot/field you have that you can use to be able to get stronger. Maybe you clean out the garage or the basement and “plant” a home gym.

You research the specific goals you want to hit… maybe it’s fat loss; or muscle gain; or endurance. Maybe you have a specific disease… like diabetes that you want to tackle.

You then set up your field with the proper tools to help “grow” that goal. And just like reaping and sowing corn; green beans, or tomatoes the closer you get to an optimum environment the more potential you will have of bringing in a bumper crop.

There will be ups and downs along the way, and with this particular principle… God is responsible for the rain, sunshine, and ultimate results. As He is with any principle we follow.

But we have to endeavor to grow corn if we want corn. Or muscles; or a bank account; or a good relationship.

We need to determine the proper work that coincides with our particular seed/life goal.

For example… if I want to help other men, who I know are in the same boat as I am, and who are looking for some piece of information that will click with them, well then I have to keep planting the seeds/articles into my plot/field titled…… if I don’t the field will go fallow; fill up with empty weeds; and be looked at as a very poor field indeed.

Someone might even venture to say, “He was good coming outta the gate, but he just couldn’t finish.”

There is then… “work” that has to happen to keep your seed/thought/field healthy. You’ll have to control the weeds/negative thinking; control the moisture as much as possible; don’t allow too much “shade” from others to affect the seed; and patience, understanding that each type of seed takes a different amount of time and work in order to come to maturity.

Here’s my advice… as an emerging man yourself spend some time and try to prioritize what you think is the first seed/thought that needs to be changed for yourself.

The one that I found that helps all the others is the seed/thought of “getting healthy and strong.” Because remember… your mind is the seed/thought producer, it has to be right.

The principle of the principle is the thing a man searches for… the principle of reaping and sowing is… “you can only get out what you put in, when it’s good and ready, and in due time.”

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