Why does a man need to Engage

Because… if he doesn’t, he is like the rear tires on his hot rod when the gears don’t engage, he don’t turn, and can’t lay any rubber on the road. Instead he is left sitting in idle. Maybe his engine is all revved up, and he’s making a lot of noise… but he ain’t going nowhere!


The third E of The Three E’s of Manhood, as put forth by The Emerging Man, on this the Lord’s day, the 23rd day, of the tenth month, in the year of our Lord 2019. (sounds cooler if you say/read it in a old British military dude’s accent)

Just having some fun there. To ENGAGE you.


a. to offer (note: the etymology has ‘to pledge’) (something, such as one’s life or word) as backing to a cause or aim : to expose to risk for the attainment or support of some end “he engaged his all in the king’s cause”

b. to attract and hold by influence or power

c. to interlock with : mesh, also : to cause (mechanical parts) to mesh “engage the clutch” ~ Merriam – Webster online dictionary.

As a man did you engage… with your family? with your wife? with your kids? with your community? with your friends? Or are you a caveman who returns to his cave after work and plops down in front of his digital camp fire?

A man has to engage in order to really lay some serious rubber down on the road of life. Rubbing elbows with other men, with other moms and dads, business owners, the mayor… it provides avenues for men to cruise down, to see, and learn, and experience all life has to offer.

As one of The Three E’s of Manhood, ENGAGE is truly the ‘spider gear’ of a man. All the encouragement, and all the equipping, is for naught if a man cannot engage. Without the ability to engage… a man is reduced to only words. And words without action can create resentment, bitterness, disrespect, and a distorted reality for the word speaker… the bible says, “faith without deeds is dead,” how much more so a man’s character than when he refuses the responsibility to engage?

“(So) you’re out there sittin’ on a fence
get off your ass and come down here
Cause (to engage) rock ‘n’ roll ain’t no riddle man
To me it makes good, good sense
Good sense, let’s go” ~ AC/DC (parenthesis are mine.)

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