Hello, I’m Dave. The Emerging Man. I started this site after being on my own journey of discovery concerning the topic of ‘being a man’ in today’s world and I have re-discovered the absolutely critical role a dad has to play in the development of the next generation of men. I didn’t say father, as I’ve also discovered to be a great dad does not require you to be blood related.

I have a unique experience to share… being a dad to five kids of my own, having worked at a residential care facility for boys for over twenty years, and running our local little league programs for over twelve years.

I have been working on my own self improvement since January of 2016, have endeavored to be an author… with three books on Amazon currently… Killing Suicide; When We Were Lions; and I Am Benaiah… with a children’s book in the works… ‘How Carter Got Better at Baseball’; having re-learned about exercise and diet; having taken up boxing and endeavoring to re-learn archery.

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